The Willows Healing Center

The Foundation’s vision is to develop Post-traumatic growth (PTG) curriculum, as well as, creating a center that offers ancient and traditional healing modalities, classes, workshops, speakers and resources for those going through a traumatic event. This support will help to give them hope and tools for encouragement to come out, not only stronger prior to the trauma, but gaining a new appreciation for life. With funding from sponsors, donors, foundations etc.., we can keep costs for programs and services nominal for those in need.

Examples of services to be provided include:

  • Supporting PTG research
  • Develop curriculum on PTG for colleges, universities and post-graduation certification to expose educators, caretakers and social workers to assist them in their carreers
  • Introduce those in need to local practitioners of healing modalities such as pranic and reiki healing, breath and sound healing, tapping etc…
  • Yoga classes for healing
  • Mediumship
  • Trained/Certified practitioner speaking on specified topics
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Essential oil use
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Classes for teen pregnancy
  • Licensed Therapists