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Dr. Kanako Taku

Dr. Kanako Taku

Board Member

Dr. Kanako Taku, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Oakland University, built the Post Traumatic Growth Lab at Oakland University in 2008. The PTG lab aims to further the understanding and knowledge of PTG as well as resiliency by studying these phenomena after highly impactful life events, such as death of a loved one, natural disaster, academic failure, relationship break-up in college students, adults, high school students, middle school students, teen parents, and medical staff.

Through collaboration within the county, community, country, and world including Turkey, Australia, China, and Japan, the PTG Lab has contributed cross-cultural research on PTG. The Lab distributes results of such studies at national/international conferences and in professional journals. The PTG Lab also trains and fosters graduate and undergraduate students’ research skill attainment through active involvement in the research process. A total of 40 students have worked in the Lab for the past 9 years.

Shelby joined in 2015 Fall and became a lab manager in 2016 Fall due to her exceptional talents and motivations.

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Social Fundraising:

Stacy O’Bryan: stacy@shelbystrong.life
Fundraising through social events

Corporate Fundraising:

Alisa Seyburnalisa@shelbystrong.life
Marc Seyburnmarc@shelbystrong.life
Fundraising through grant requests

Biennial Conference:

Shelly Hurwitz
Conference showcasing the Foundation’s mission

Grant Program:

Eden Floyd & Dr. Kanako Taku
Annual grants to Oakland University research lab students in the Psychology Department for travel and related costs to attend Professional conferences.

Teen Parent Program:

Anjela Soulet & Leah McDiarmid
An Oakland University Program, currently operating in Pontiac MI, with hopes to expand into other school districts. The Program assists teens facing the special challenges of being a parent.

Post Traumatic Growth Research Program:

Dr. Kanako Taku
A Program to fund and implement Post-Traumatic Growth research.

Website Resources:

Cynthia Dore
Research and find resources that are designed to assist persons with Post-Traumatic Growth.

Social Media:

Bonnie Gammerath, Ethan O’Bryan
& Kylie Hurwitz

Gathers, organizes, and produces pictures and videos of past and future events

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Austin Floyd
Handles all web development