SJSF Healing Shawl – Six Feet of Comfort

SJSF Healing Shawl – Six Feet of Comfort


Even the strongest among us can use some warmth, some comfort … some prayer. Trauma affects each of us differently. What we share, though, is the universal hope that we’ll live better days, and that we’ll grow from challenging times. The SJSF Healing Shawl represents Hope, Possibility, Healing and Growth.

Knitted by hand and created with the recipient in mind, woven into each shawl are healing thoughts and love. A journey through thought and intent, the SJSF Healing Shawl is a tangible reminder of care and kindness.

About the shawls: knitted by hand using Lion Brand yarn, shawls measure 22” x 72” and are hand washable. Colors vary.

Shawls ship within two to three weeks of order date.

The SJSF Healing Shawl can also be for a celebration in life. Any instance where the crafter is thinking of someone.

No profit, only covering cost of shawl materials – shipping included.

$25 for shawl
$10 for shipping

Buy a special gift and give Six Feet of Comfort to someone in need.
Trauma Doesn’t Have to Defeat You!