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Starting in 2018, the Foundation provided grants to 6 students totaling $4,000.00 for its first year of operations. For 2019 we have plans to double the budget, expand into fall and winter conferences and hope to provide double the grants.

In 2019 we gave out 13 grants totaling $3,800.00, and we plan on doubling that total before the end of this year.

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    Reward recipients will be required to submit receipts for all expenses incurred, as well as, proof of event attendance in order to receive financial reimbursement.

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    Note: If receiving funds from other grants, applicants will still be eligible for the SJS Travel Grant.
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    Include any background information, such any obstacles or experiences that you have had to overcome or that have helped you achieve your goals. Additionally, we would like to hear about any experiences with statistics and how statistics influences your work in the lab (if applicable).

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    A Faculty member agrees to submit a recommendation letter to the Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation on your behalf.
    Faculty recommendations will be submitted online. A link will be emailed directly to requested Faculty member.
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    I understand that I may be asked to provide a written or recorded video testimonial and/or present or share my conference experience at the SJS Second Annual Golf Outing on July 22nd, 2019 upon request.
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    Faculty statements of support must be uploaded by 11:59 PM on the day of the application deadline to be included in the application. Faculty will not receive an email request to upload their statements until the application is submitted by the applicant. To allow time for your faculty recommender to submit their statement of support, plan on submitting your application ahead of the deadline.